Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 48MP Camera? Truth Explained

The Redmi Note 7 is the latest smartphone launched by Redmi in the China markets. The phone supports very amazing specifications at the price of
1199 Chinese yuan which is around Rs.12,600(approx).

Redmi-Note-7 48MP camera truth Explained

The phone has a 48MP camera with a 5MP secondary camera, the phone also has many other amazing features like fast charging, USB Type-C, 4,000mah battery, but its camera got into debates because some people are calling it the fake 48MP camera.

Redmi Note 7 48MP Camera Explained

Why its Called as the fake 48MP camera?

It is because the processor(Snapdragon 660) which is used in the Redmi Note 7, supports the only 25MP single camera on it. But, the Xiaomi has done something amazing with the Camera Sensors here.

Source- news.samsung.com

The Redmi Note 7 48MP camera features a Samsung’s Bright GM1 sensor based on 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel image sensors which work on ISOCELL and Tetra cell Technology. Read here what Samsung has said about these Sensors.

The tetra cell combines the four pixels into one to increase the light sensitivity which results in a More clear picture which equals a 48MP camera resolution.

This tetra cell technology is developed to help the smartphone companies so that they can fit multiple camera setup in their sleek smartphones. This sensor has a very small 0.8μm pixel size which consumes less space and it is best suitable to achieve bezelless designs.

So by Combining the more clear Pictures into one, the Redmi Note 7 is capable of providing the pictures which are equals to 48MP camera. The actual Camera performance can be different, as all these above specifications are on paper.

The Quality of pictures will be seen and tested when it will launch in India, we will definitely bring some real world shots and actual camera performance of Redmi Note 7.

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