Soon you Can Secure Whatsapp Chats Using Fingerprint Lock

The No.1 messaging app, Whatsapp is going to take a new step towards safety of their users worldwide. Whatsapp is working on providing the Fingerprint authentication feature for Android phones.

whatsapp fingerprint update

The Recent beta Version 2.19.3 of Whatsapp confirms that the company is developing this new Security update, and this will be available for all the users very soon.

We can expect this new security feature will be available in the next update of Whatsapp. There is also some rumours that Whatsapp will also bring Face ID And touch ID for IOS devices. There will be some option in the application in which users have to register their fingerprints.

This authentication can also be applied on the specific chats, it means that you can secure your app as well as chats in WhatsApp. This feature is currently in Alpha development stage and it will be made available for devices with Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) or above.

In case, if the fingerprint authentication in whatsapp is unable to verify then you can also use your phone’s lockscreen password or PIN to unlock the app or chats.

This major security update from whatsapp will be very helpful for users to apply one extra layer of security on their privacy. So, tell me that, how this update will help you, write down your current experience of using whatsapp features and security.

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