Easy Ways: How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile Android

PUBG is the most popular and addictive game in the world till date and its multiplayer ability makes it unique and everyone’s favourite. But sometimes its popularity becomes a hurdle for players, because of the lag or higher ping which can make or break your online gaming experience.

reduce ping in pubg android mobile

Whether you are a pro-PUBG gamer the higher ping can make you lose the game. Because the ping is responsible for the smoother experience in the game, your character inside the game will respond a little late if you give any command in the game.

But don’t worry, by the end of this page, you will get the proper solution after which you don’t have to worry about the higher ping problem in your PUBG mobile or emulator.

Whether you are playing on the android mobile or playing PUBG mobile in the emulator, the following steps will help you reduce the ping. So let’s take a look at these steps.

Check Server Location

When you log in your game sometimes the server on which you are playing might be experiencing high ping because of the high number of online players.

check pubg mobile server to reduce ping

So, in that case, you should check the server on which you are connected. By default, you will be on the server nearest to your country. For India, you should be on the Asia server.

If the ping on Asia Server is high or you experiencing any lag, then just check other country servers which have low ping and select that and enjoy the low ping.

Connecting on other server will help you get a smooth gaming experience but you might get foreign players inside your PUBG gameplay.

This thing works because in the day time there are more players online here but at the same time when there is night in other countries, you get lower ping because of less number of online players in countries like America, Europe etc.

But in normal circumstances connecting to a server which is far from your country will give you high ping because of the distance between the server and you.

Check background Services

In Android Smartphones many apps and updates use the internet in the background which causes the slowdown of the internet for games like PUBG.

stop background apps and services to get low ping in pubg mobile

You should stop background usage of data by going inside the Settings of your phone and check which app or service using the Data or syncing in the background.

By doing this your phone will not distribute the Internet usage among various apps, this will help your smartphone focus all resources only for the game and help you to get a smooth experience.

Use WiFi Extreme Mode

Many times even when you are connected with high-speed WiFi you might experience high ping because of several background apps using the internet.

Some Smartphones brands like Xiaomi, there is a setting called Extreme Mode. Just go inside your WiFi “Advanced” or “Additional setting” you will see “Traffic mode”.

Below Traffic mode, you will see Regular and Extreme mode.

In extreme mode, the wifi itself will do easy work for you, it will allow only Current app/game to use the internet and will restrict background apps from using the internet.

Use Gaming Mode

Smartphone brands these days know that gamers mostly use the smartphone to play games anywhere anytime, that’s why they provide some special features inside smartphones, like Gaming Mode or Game Booster.

gaming mode for pubg mobile

OnePlus users should go under Settings > Utilities > Gaming Mode or Xiaomi Users will find Game Turbo under Mi Security app. If your smartphone does not have any preinstalled gaming mode, then you can install any app from play store.

The Gaming mode helps in many ways, it not only restricts the background data sync and usage but also kill many tasks running in the background. It enhances the overall performance of the smartphone and gives you lower ping and lag-free gameplay.

Repair your PUBG to reduce the ping

If you have done all of the above settings but still getting high ping then this might be the issue with your PUBG game files.

repair pubg mobile to get lower ping in pubg

You just need to repair your PUBG game files by repairing it. To repair, just go on the login page your game and click on the Repair button on the right-hand side of the screen.

This will reinstall the game and will reset your gaming settings and configurations but you will get a fresh and smooth gaming experience and reduced ping.

Upgrade your WiFi Router

Your WiFi router can be one of the reason if you are still not getting the ping below 100ms. These days many wireless devices around us work on 2.4Ghz frequency which makes it very congested and we get the poor latency and lag or drop in wifi speed.

Most of the regular routers work on 2.4Ghz frequency that’s why you need to upgrade the router to the 5Ghz frequency. Even if you are playing PUBG in emulator then this will help you to reduce the ping.

So, the 5Ghz wifi router will improve the response time between your phone and router. This will help you to get a lower ping in your PUBG. You can get your WiFi router here.

I hope any of the above methods will help you to reduce the ping or get a lag-free PUBG mobile gaming experience. So. share this page with your friends who are experiencing difficulty in the game.

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