How to Choose Best Smartphone For You and Save Lots of Money

Well, it’s a very tough task when it comes to buying a new smartphone, which can fulfil all your expectations as well as save our money. It becomes more difficult in today’s competitive market where almost every day new smartphones are launching, with all the latest new features at very attractive prices.

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If you make decisions in a hurry then you might have to regret your choice later, because it usually happens that when we bought a smartphone, a new and better smartphone at the same price launches in next few days or you might have regret about the performance of phone and camera, build quality etc.

If money is not a barrier for you, then you may not have to think so much, but still, there are some more points which you should keep in mind, because when you are ready to invest a large amount of your hard earned money then you should not blindly pick any phone.

Whether you prefer buying a budget smartphone or you are willing to go for a premium brand it is sure that you are not gonna use it for more than 2 to 3 years, it is because your premium smartphone is going to be outdated and the budget phone will lack in performance.

So, Stay tuned, by the end of this article, you will be able to make the best decision of buying a smartphone for you. Just go thru and keep the following points in mind whenever you are looking to Buy a new smartphone.

Beware of Online sales

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You might be surprised that why I am asking you to beware of online sales as these sales are the best time to buy smartphones on heavy discounts !!

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You are right, sales like Flipkart’s big billion day sale and Amazon’s great Indian sales are the best time to get the Huge “Discounts” Only.

In These Sales, most people do a huge mistake that they buy an outdated phone having huge discounts. Many brands keep on selling their outdated phones on heavy discounts to attract more customers and to clear out their stocks.

So, be assured that you don’t fall in that trap, always consider to compare on other sites, even if you are getting huge discounts on any smartphone.

Choose According to need

First of all, you should know your requirements, let me help you with this. Let’s start with asking yourself that which feature of the previous smartphone you were using more and lack of which feature is forcing you to buy a new smartphone. Because sometimes we pay for some extra features which we don’t use or rarely use and pay extra for that. Below is a list of the must-have features from which you should not compromise.

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There are some Important features which you definitely have to keep on your checklist:-

  • Camera- Everybody wants to capture and share the memories with friends and family, the easiest way of doing is using your smartphone’s camera. You should choose the phone which at least has a dual camera setup. It is a most common feature which you will easily get in smartphones starting around 8k.


  • Processors- Phone’s processor have the major impact on how much time you are going to use the smartphone, it can make or break your experience of the new smartphone. There are many smartphone brands out there which offers outdated processors in their new smartphones. So be aware and compare the processors also, we recommend that you should always consider Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in your phones.


  • Battery- Nothing will come into action if your phone will have a poor battery life nor camera runs neither you can play games or stream videos on it. You Should prefer the smartphone which is having at least 4000mah of battery, and you can easily get this in price range starting from 10k.

Above three points are very important to consider before making a buying decision, because you will not like that your phone hangs or battery is not giving backup for even a day.

Choose smartphone brands Wisely

Some of us choose our smartphones on just the brand names, but you should know that time has changed enough due to huge competition, they are not providing you with the value for your money.

Like most of the phones in Samsung’s J series will surely disappoint you as they are the overpriced phones with fewer features. If You invest 12k in Samsung’s smartphone then you will get a low-performance phone as compared to a phone of Xiaomi, Honor etc. in the same price range.

So, please compare the features of your Favorite smartphone brand with Some Other smartphone brands which are providing value for money.

Where to Buy – Online Market vs. Offline Markets?

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Buying smartphones from an offline market is a hassle because you will have to visit various shops to compare prices and the salesman will also not going to show you too many smartphones, whereas in online sites you can search and compare the prices and features of your desired smartphone.

The offline market only has a benefit over online is that you can check and get the box opened in front of you, for just the peace of your mind, but nowadays online markets also allowing customers to open the box at the time of delivery to check the box contents.

The biggest benefits of online sites which I personally like and also advice you, is that you can return your smartphone within 10 days, with no questions asked, and you get all your money back.

Some Hidden Discounts And Offers When You Pay Online

After, You had made up your final decision of buying a smartphone there are some things which might help You In saving your money while purchasing online.

If you have your old smartphone and nobody in your family is going to use it, then you should exchange that smartphone and get some extra discounts during the purchase on online Sites Like Flipkart and Amazon.

Because these sites will provide more value of your old smartphone than selling it to anyone.

Bank Discounts-  There is always a discount offer running on these online sites where you get the extra 10% to 20% off on your purchase.

Vouchers- Sometimes the smartphone companies provide you with some vouchers or free data on some sim cards or any subscription of online streaming services. So, always keep an eye on that.

Extended Warranty/phone insurance-  You should take a look at any extended warranty or check any full insurance plans available while purchasing smartphones because if you are careless towards smartphones or you are sportsperson then this thing will save a lot of money if you drop or damage your smartphone mistakenly.

Then we all know that repairing cost of any smartphone is higher and these physical and water damage is not covered under warranty. So, it is better to buy any damage protection plan.


Now after reading this whole article you might got a clearity about which smartphone will suite you the best. if this was helpful to you, then please share this article to your friend who needs to read this. Hope To See you soon again.

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