Duracell Launches New Power bank Series in India

The world’s well-known battery-making company Duracell launches its power banks in Indian markets. They have chosen the right time to enter the Indian market during Diwali sale season, where Amazon is running its great Indian sale.Duracell power banks- onlineoffsite

The Duracell power banks are launched on 10th October 2018 exclusively on Amazon.in. It is said that it will be available only for six months, so if you want to purchase these buy them now.

These power banks are available in three variants, that are –

  1. 10,050mAh. (Rs.1999/-)
  2. 6,700mAh. (Rs.1499/-)
  3. 3,350mAh.(Rs.999/-)

Duracell power banks Features:-

  1. Compatible with all Android, apple and most of the USB devices.
  2. Fast charging capability. charges your device up to 2x fast as compared to a normal 5W charger of phones.
  3. Due to its fast charging feature, you can charge your phone while using.
  4. Passes all 10 safety features which make it flight approved. These safety features include- (i) Protection to consumers and their phones against short circuit (input & output), (ii) Overvoltage (at output port). (iii) Flame retardant case. (iv) Dual safety circuits. (v) Under temperature operation. (vi) Output overload. (vii) Over and under voltage at the input. (viii) Cable loop protection. (ix) Over-temperature protection. (x) Overcharge or discharge at a cell level.
  5. Ease Of Charge- Dual charge technology for the simultaneous charge of the power bank and a phone or other USB-powered device at same time.
  6. Duracell power banks can charge phones up to 30% in just 20minutes.
  7. Led Battery indicators to check available power.

Duracell power banks – Design, looks And Build quality.

The Company Continued with its very famous colour scheme with black and gold.

The outer body part is total plastic, where many companies providing the outer aluminium body.

The Powerbank with 3350mah capacity is very pocket-friendly and it looks like a Duracell AA battery.

Duracell power banks- onlineoffsite

Duracell power bank with 6700mah battery-Duracell power bank - onlineoffsite

Duracell Powerbank With 10,050mah battery- Duracell power bank - onlineoffsite

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