Download Android Q Beta Version In These Supported Devices and Test These Amazing Features

After many expectations and rumors, Google has now released the first beta version of Android Q. It is the successor of the latest Android Pie which was launched last year.

This beta version of Android Q is currently available to download only for Pixel devices. But you can also try its features using the latest emulator system images via the SDK manager.

Google has added some more security features and control over the apps locations access, Android Q will also be compatible with foldable smartphones.

Android Q Supported Devices For Beta Version

Like the previous Android Pie, the Android Q beta version is also released for Google’s Pixel devices. These Devices are Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL.

Android Q Features

Here we have listed some major changes/features of this upcoming Android ‘Q’.

More Control on Locations Permissions

android q location access

In Android Q you will get three options whenever an app asks about access to your location, you can choose from ‘Allow all the time’, ‘Allow When App is in use’ and ‘Deny’. The second option will be more useful, as it will not allow the app to get location access in the background.

Foldable Phones Support

Android q foldable phones support (1)

With the recent Technology upgrades in Android Smartphones, it also became necessary for Google to add proper functionality for these Folding Phones, So that the app developers can properly optimize their apps for resizing activity of folding phones.

Dynamic Depth Format

android_q_depth_dynamic (1)

In Android Q the devices can store the Depth data of an image in a separate file using Dynamic depth format (DDF), by which there will be an option for the apps to apply or remove the blur effect from the photos without affecting the original photo. This DDF will also help in creating 3D images in AR functionality.

Change the Default Theme Colors

You can change the color of the Settings panel and for the notification panel in Android Q. This feature is called as Theming and it is available inside the developer mode.

Enhanced Security

The new Android Q will also give the users to control the apps to access the Audio, Video, Download files, users can choose which files to pick or not. There will be very limited access for the networks to get the device identification numbers like IMEI, Serial number, MAC address, whenever the user gets connected with new WIFI then the MAC address will be randomized.

Free Form Window

In Android Q, the user can create the new window for any app in a freeform, and it can be placed anywhere on the screen and can use it even after closing the app. It is something similar to a floating window but with some more features, the window can also be resized according to use.

How to Download and Install the Android Q

If you are a Google Pixel user then you can download the Android Q Beta Version Here and can start experiencing the latest upcoming Android version.

If You don’t have any Pixel Device then also you can use Android Q by downloading the latest emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android Studio.

If you are going to download the Beta Android Q in your Pixel device then keep in mind that this is only the test version which is released just for developers, testers or a tech enthusiast who loves to test and gives the feedback about more improvements in the Softwares.

So, it is recommended to install this Android Q beta only in your Secondary Device because it might have some problems or bugs which will affect your User Experience.

You can know more details about this Android Q Beta version Here.

As this is the very First Beta version of Android Q, the more versions will release in the coming months. The Beta 2 will release in April, Beta 3 in May and Beta 4 in June. Beta 5 and 6 will come in the quarter third of this year.

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